How Nashville became the perfect place for a lawn-care business 

Tony Perez

Tony Perez moved to the United States as a young man in 1991. His native country, El Salvador, was embroiled in a bitter civil war, and aside from the constant threat of violence, corruption was rife. Tony yearned to find a better life in America, where his uncle lived. He left behind a career as a police officer and everything he'd ever known.

Once in California in his uncle's home, Tony found a new passion in life: landscaping. "It was the first job I ever had in America," Tony says, "and I still really enjoy it." He worked for grounds-keeping companies for many years, along the way meeting and falling in love with his wife, Delsy. As his passion and expertise grew, Tony knew he wanted to find the right home where he and his wife could start their own business and raise their family.

Tony and Delsy moved to Tennessee in 1998 and are raising their two sons here. They're also running a thriving business, taking care of yards and gardens throughout the Nashville area and beyond.

"I've been in the lawn care business for myself for almost 15 years," Tony says. "It's what I love to do. I can't imagine doing anything else."



His customers love him, too. Instead of worrying about the grass getting too long or the weeds going unpulled while they try to keep up with ever-busier lives, they turn to Tony and Delsy and their top-notch crew. 

"It was amazing to watch them just descend on the yard," says Barry, who lives in East Nashville. "There were all these guys on mowers and people pulling weeds, and they cleaned and trimmed everything up when they left. It was so fast!"

Quick, friendly, professional and determined to please — these are the compliments you hear over and over from Tony's customers.

In the winter months, Tony and Delsy and their team take their skills the indoors, where they are adept at the many minor problems homeowners encounter that always seem to crop up and need fixing. 

Tony and Delsy enjoy spending time with family and friends in their spare time, and if you ask him, Tony can steer you toward the the best pupusas — a favorite Salvadoran dish — in Nashville.