Nashville, lawn-mowing season is upon us

So hire Antonio & Delsy Lawn Care to do the dirty work!

Flats of pansies are popping up everywhere.

Flats of pansies are popping up everywhere.

Spring has sprung upon us, and even though we knew it would, it still feels like a lovely surprise. Sunshine, pallets of pansies everywhere — and, oh yes, your dormant lawn is stretching and yawning and waking up.

What does spring mean at your house? Weeding flower beds? Clearing out winter brush? Planting new container gardens? All of these chores are perfect for Antonio & Delsy Lawn Care. Our team of experts can handle everything from regular grass cutting to landscaping and home repairs. We’ve been somewhat dormant this winter ourselves, and we’re ready to get back into the swing of things.

It’s important to realize, of course, if you’re considering any major new plantings this year to wait until after the danger of frost has passed. In Middle Tennessee, that can mean anywhere from April 15 to April 30, depending on where you live. So, unless you want to pay close attention to the forecast and be prepared to run outside with sheets to cover your tender new shrubs and trees, it’s probably best to wait a bit.

Meanwhile, there are lots of other spring chores you can tackle — or that we can tackle for you.

1.       Take inventory. Do you want a vegetable garden this year? An herb patch for your kitchen? The ground is soft enough to mark off and start digging (always call 811 first to make sure you don’t hit any important utility lines, of course!). We can do raised beds, traditional beds with borders or container gardens. Make your wish-list now.

2.       Amend the soil. No need to call up Robert's Rules of Order or bang your gavel. Soil amendments simply add nutrients and fertilizers to your soil, replacing anything lost in the last growing season, and can help make your yard more hospitable for growing things.

This glorious forsythia bush is ready to pop.

This glorious forsythia bush is ready to pop.


3.       Trim rose bushes and trees. Not everything likes to be pruned in early spring — step away from those hydrangeas! — but trees, rose bushes and even boxwoods will generally thrive with some trimming up this time of year.

4.       Repair fences and stepping stones. Freezing, thawing, raining — all of these things take a toll on the ground and can upset your previously level paving stones. You may need to add soil or gravel beneath the stones to re-stabilize them. As for fences, they can fall into disrepair any time of year, but it’s a good time to check them before all your vegetation grows back.  

5.       Rake up leaves and debris. You’re bound to have plenty of last year’s leaves (and enough loose twigs and branches to build a log cabin after all those winter storms) covering the ground. Take advantage of the good weather before the final frost to sweep out the old stuff and get ready for new growth.

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No need to feel overwhelmed by your outdoor spring to-do list: Antonio & Delsy Lawn Care can take care of all your mowing, maintenance and landscaping needs. You can always count on very competitive prices and our professional and friendly crew. We’ve been taking care of lawns in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for 15 years. Just call us at 615-977-7671 or email us at for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy spring!