Get ready for fall clean-up

Yes, Nashville, we offer handyman services, too

We love fall, and we love our friends at Zillow. The first part should be obvious: cooler weather, crunchy piles of leaves, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin spice everything! As for Zillow, although it’s mostly known as a real estate site, they also feature lots of helpful articles on organizing and home maintenance.

They posted one recently that recommended five chores to get your home ready for fall, and we can definitely help you out with four of those: painting, window washing, patio gear storage and sealing your garage floor. We certainly wouldn’t mind helping you hang shelves and bring in furniture to create a mud room — their fifth chore — but organizing and design aren’t really our areas of expertise! So, why would a Nashville lawn care company be able to help out with those decidedly non-lawn related chores?

paint supplies

Because we actually provide much more than landscaping services. Our yard work and landscaping duties obviously slow down during the cooler months, but we like to keep our crew busy. That’s why we can take care of things like painting, both interior rooms and outdoor structures like decks and porches; window washing, which will keep you off the ladder and safely curled up on the couch with Netflix and popcorn; and other stuff you’d just as soon not dirty your hands with.

Of course, sometimes it really is a matter of needing that extra pair of hands (or three or four) to do the work for you — perhaps you live alone, or you and your spouse are no longer able to safely climb up and down ladders. We’re more than happy to provide you with free estimates for any job on your fall to-do list. Here are a few more we’d be glad to help with:

1.       Gutter cleaning. You know the leaves are already building up when falling walnuts bounce right off and into the hands of those greedy little ground squirrels.

2.       Equipment storage. When you’re ready to hang up your gardening gloves for the year, it’s best to clean and store pots, gardening tools and hoses so they’ll be in top condition next spring.

3.        Power washing. If you happen to have a hackberry tree, and you’re unfortunate enough to have those infernal wooly hackberry aphids (those harmless looking white fluffy flying bugs), then you’ve got sticky “honeydew” on everything from your car to your sidewalk. When the aphids are gone, we’ll come in and power-wash your sidewalk, porch steps and anything else the aphids hit —before it turns into sooty black mold!

4.       Bulb planting. We have the tools and the know-how to properly space and plant all your spring bulbs, plus we’ll do one final weeding for the year to get your beds looking nice again.

5.       Mulching. Some plants like a layer of mulch to keep their roots warm over the winter. Let us spread it for you.

There are plenty more chores we can take care of, so don't hesitate to ask. We've been providing lawn, maintenance and handyman services in Nashville and the surrounding counties for 15 years. You can always count on us for competitive rates and professional care. Please email us or call us at 615-977-7671. Happy fall!